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Video - Are We Human

23 November 2015

Many of you will know that we have released a download only single of Julie's song 'Are We Human' with all the money raised going to MOAS (Migrant offshore aid station). We have initially released it through our record company's website as all the money donated goes to the charity as there is no middle man.

Unfortunately, we soon discovered that as the download is an MP3, it doesn't go into any mobile Apple devices so it has been a bit of a challenge sorting this out to say the least. In light of this, it will also be released on iTunes on the 4th of December for those who want this easier option with their iPhones but unfortunately Apple take 50% of the money.

Whichever download you choose, please choose one of them, this is a brilliant charity doing incredible and desperately needed lifesaving work. To download the MP3 please visit www.circuitsounds.uk

So here is a link to a phenomenal video that our dear friend Ruth Tidmarsh has created to promote the single and charity. We can't thank Ruth enough for doing this, it must have been the hardest promotional video that anyone has had to put together but we all believe it is for a brilliant cause. Please be warned before you click on this link that some of the footage is disturbing.

Are We Human?

27 October 2015

At last, our charity single 'Are We Human?' is now available to download. We are so proud of this track and each and every person who has given their time and talents to this project in support of refugees.

Please download the single (minimum donation 1), every penny goes to MOAS, then share with as many people as you can so we can make a real difference.

Thanks in advance and as always for your brilliant support.

Julie and Chris

Press release below.

Any Radio presenters needing a hard copy of the single please contact Chris Euesden via the website www.circuitsounds.uk and we will send you one out.


November 2015 and Chris While and Julie Matthews release a song which gives a hard hitting and compassionate view on the current refugee crisis taking place across Western Europe. All the proceeds from this track are going to the charity MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station, www.moas.eu) a registered Foundation dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing professional search and rescue assistance to people who find themselves in distress on high sea or trapped on unsafe vessels.

Are We Human? is a catchy and emotive acoustic rocker which captures the feelings of urgency, sympathy and solidarity needed to address the current desperate situation which thousands of people are finding themselves in.

Chris and Julie are joined on this track by acclaimed songstress Christine Collister, Ken Nicol (Steeleye Span, Albion Band, Al Stewart) on guitars, Australian Liz Frencham on double bass and Neil Marshall (Albion Band) on drums.

Download Are We Human? exclusively at www.circuitsounds.uk and donate to MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station).

A weekend of gigs

23 October 2015

So we have a nice weekend of concerts to look forward to.

KIng's Lynn, Maldon and Basingstoke. Come and see us if you can, there are loads of new songs and we are dipping deep into the old song barrel too.

New CDs in the shop

30 September 2015

Hi everyone.

There are some new CDs in the shop right now.

The Ballads of Child Migration.

This is a wonderful collaboration of some of the finest artists around. jez Lowe, Boo Hewerdine, John Doyle and so many more.

It's a comment of the forced child migration that took place over a hundred years. Orphan children were sent to Australia and Canada primarily.

The presentation of this CDs is beautiful, designed by Bryan Ledgard.


This is Chris and Kellie's third album together and their best yet. Again they take from the finest writers in the world and give the songs their own special sound, beautiful.

July 2015

08 July 2015

As well as the Duo Autumn tour and St Agnes Fountain dates now up on the website, there are a couple of extras gone in so please keep checking in for updates. Three fabulous festivals to come over the next few weeks; Music on the Marr in Cumbria which features not only a duo performance but a very rare 'All Along the Wall' performance too. Unfortunately, Rory is unable to be there and as Ruth was not available at the time of booking, Chris is taking her place alongside, Boo Hewerdine, Jez Lowe, Kate Bramley, Kate Fox, Elvis McGonagal and myself. This will be very special indeed. This is followed by Saltburn Festival, an old favourite of ours and following that, we make our debut at Towersy Festival, something we're so excited about and looking forward to, not only playing but seeing the wealth of talent on the bill.

Other exciting news, for those of you that haven't managed to catch Chris and Kellie on any of their dates so far, there's still a few left so get along and treat your ears to some glorious Mother / Daughter harmonies. You might want to pick up a copy of their brand new album 'Indigo' while you're there! For those of you not able to see them live, you can order your copy of 'Indigo' at www.chrisandkelliewhile.co.uk

Have a great Summer and hopefully see you out there folks

Tour Dates

01 July 2015

While and Matthews Autumn tour and St Agnes Fountain tour dates are now up on the Tour page. Always worth booking early as many venues tend to sell out so get your tickets while you can folks!

New Single 'I Don't Know' Out Now

22 April 2015

Chris and Julie's new single 'I Don't Know' is out now!

Please follow the links below to download and keep While and Matthews on the radio!!

Downloads are available from iTunes or Amazon


20 January 2015

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To download the single, 'If this were your last day' from iTunes here.

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Busy week!

05 January 2015

Hey everybody. So we have a busy week this week with the Radio 2 playlist happening (3 plays over the weekend on Alex Lester, Bob Harris and Richard Madeley standing in for Wogan) and our live session on the Mark Radcliffe Show on Wednesday evening at 7pm. During the show (before or after wont go to the folk show) you can text 88291 with your feedback and comments. Mark loves that, especially if loads come in for him to read out so fingers at the ready folks please! We'll also give you the hashtag for the Twitter feed if any of you do that kind of thing and all other social networking feeds nearer the time so please keep checking in here.

Remember to let us know if you hear the single on the Radio! It's great to be sharing this adventure with you.

We're also delighted to announce that we have now made all our UK orders on CDs free p+p in the While and Matthews shop.


31 December 2014

Happy New Year everybody! We wish you all that you wish for yourselves. Speaking of wishes, a few of ours are being granted over the next few weeks and we hope you can hop on this roller coaster of a start to 2015 with us.

'IF THIS WERE YOUR LAST DAY' - single download release

Firstly, we are releasing a single from our album, Who We Are. It is 'If This Were Your Last Day' (appropriate for this time of year considering it's all about not putting off the bucket list). It's download only and the release date is 12th January. We are kindly asking each and every one of you if you will buy it. What would be even better is if you could get your friends and family to download it too. Here are the links to pre-order it on both Amazon and iTunes. It costs 79p.

For iTunes go to https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/if-this-were-your-last-day/id950429244?uo=4&at=10l9qC

For Amazon go to http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00QUN4HQ4/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1634&creative=19450&creativeASIN=B00QUN4HQ4&linkCode=as2&tag=propemusicd05-21&linkId=4DAGCZ6FVJAM6PMF

Please note, in order for this to count in any charts, you have to download the single, not the album track. The above links take you to the single.


We are also delighted to announce that we've made it onto the Radio 2 playlist the week commencing the 3rd of January so you will hopefully be hearing us on daytime Radio 2. This is something very rare for our genre of music and if we can capitalise on this with getting the single download to chart in the independent category this could potentially set us on a new and exciting path, making our music more visible and accessible to mainstream listeners. In conjunction with this, Stuart Maconie did a piece on us in the New Year's Radio Times - again, a fantastic way of raising our profile to the mainstream. The piece mentioned our live session on the Mark Radcliffe Radio 2 show on the 7th January at 7pm. Please listen in if you can. If not, listen again. Just a couple of weeks later and we'll be heading to London to do another live session on Weekend Wogan on the 1st February. With over 3 million listeners, let's hope a few of them follow your lead and buy the single too.


Phew! What a start to the year it's going to be...singles, sessions and who knows where all of this could lead. What we hope above all else that you'll take this journey with us. We couldn't do any of this without your fantastic support. Happy New Year.

With love and heartfelt thanks,

Chris and Julie

Are We Human?

Our single in support of refugees. All proceeds go to support MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station www.moas.eu). Available for download from Circuit Music.

New Album release

Who Are We cd

Chris & Julie's new album, Who We Are, is available to buy online now from our CD shop.

Upcoming tour dates

Chris While and Julie Matthews playing live
St Agnes Fountain
Wed 2nd Dec Wigton
Thu 3rd Dec Bury
Fri 4th Dec Penistone
Sat 5th Dec Lichfield
Sun 6th Dec Tewkesbury
Mon 7th Dec Barnt Green, Birmingham
Tue 8th Dec Maldon
Wed 9th Dec Fareham
Thu 10th Dec Newton Abbot
Fri 11th Dec South Petherton

Go to the tour dates page for full details.