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Daphne's second flight

17 April 2017

We are so excited. Daphne's Flight have just completed five days of rehearsals. The new songs have now been honed and the classic DF numbers have been replaced back into the hard drives of our brains. So only two weeks now till we sail off to the Isle Of Mann to start the first tour for 21 years.

The new album is now available to order pre release copies at www.daphnesflight.com/recordings

See you out there soon .....

The Ballads of Child Migration at the Folk Awards

14 March 2017

Chris and Julie will be performing a section of 'The Ballads of Child Migration' with a fab cast at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the BBC Folk Awards live on radio 2 on wed 5th April. This is from the radio 2 website where you can buy tickets and see the full line-up of performers.

You can see highlights on BBC 4 on Sunday 9th April.

The Ballads Of Child Migration tells its heartbreaking story. Featuring the voices of former child migrants. Narration by Barbara Dickson and original songs performed by Chris While, Julie Matthews, Kris Drever, Jez Lowe, Chris While Matthews, Boo Hewerdine, Belinda O'Hooley, Heidi Tidow, John McCusker, Andy Cutting and Mike McGoldrick.

St Agnes Fountain, Daphne's Flight and other wonderful stuff.

09 March 2017

St Agnes Fountain's new album is underway now and be ready to order in the Autumn.

Daphne's Flight are getting their wings in shape for their UK tour in May. The new album 'Knows Time, Knows Change' has had it's first play on Mark Radcliffe's Radio 2 Folk Show on the 8th March. He played Julie's song 'Count Me In'.

The whole band cannot wait to perform live again after a 21 year gap since the last tour. The tour is in May and then there will be appearances throughout the summer festivals and then a trip to Europe in September.

We will be attending the Folk Awards at the Albert Hall in April to watch one of our heroes, Ry Cooder, who will pick up a deserved lifetime achievement award and also perform! Cant wait. we will let you all know how Fab he was after the show. You will be able to see that highlights show on Sunday the 12 April on BBC 4.

Chris will be performing with Fairport Convention on Saturday 6th August as part of the band's 50th anniversary at Cropredy. She will be joining original members, Ashley Hutchings, Richard Thompson, Simon Nicol and Dave Mattacks with fellow Aggie Chris Leslie taking the place of the late Dave Swarbrick.

Busy times ahaead, keep watching for up-dates.

love to all.......

Chris and Julie

'Shoulder to Shoulder' New Album

10 October 2016

The tour is going so well ad we are having a ball!

the new album is available in the shop and we have new merch on the table at gigs, we have a brand new mug for sale and this week we have a postcard featuring Julie's artwork taken from the new album.

New single available to buy now.

10 September 2016

Here it Comes Again/ Ordinary Day single available to buy now from Google Play

Lovely review of Shoulder to Shoulder

31 August 2016

Shoulder to Shoulder - Chris While and Julie Matthews

It can be easy to define an album by what it isn’t rather than what it is. “Shoulder to Shoulder” doesn’t push anything up to eleven, there aren’t any self-indulgent solos and there isn’t any autotune or electronic trickery to fool you into hearing substance where none exists. What this album has is eleven powerful and beautifully-crafted songs, superb vocal performances and arrangements that allow the quality and emotion of the songwriting to shine through. The album features the current single “Here It Comes Again”; it’s probably the most radio-friendly, but it’s not entirely representative of “Shoulder to Shoulder”.

The album is strongest when the songs deal with serious subjects. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the two Charlie Dore/Chris While co-writes “Slim to Nil” or “Nothing Yanks My Chain (Like You Do)”; they’re bouncy and full of clever wordplay and they offer a contrast to some of the more serious songs that define the overall mood.

“Pride” opens slowly with a gentle guitar intro and picks up momentum to become a full-on anthem to sexual tolerance and standing shoulder under the rainbow banner; it’s a cracking song with a potent message. “Are We Human” challenges insularity generally, and in particular our attitudes to the current refugee crisis and the haunting “Pinjarra Dreams” shines a light on the scandalous treatment of British children sent from homes and orphanages to Australia. The songs have a definite political edge, but they’re generally told from a human perspective.

“Leap of Faith”, the final While/Dore composition is the joyful and poignant story of a mother about to be reunited with her daughter after twenty-five years apart on opposite sides of the world, closing out beautifully when the two actually meet. Equally moving is Julie Matthews’ “Ordinary Day”, a bleakly tragic piece of the everyday pathos of bereavement (with a little hint of WH Auden). It’s not happy but it’s beautifully observed.

“Shoulder to Shoulder” is a hugely accomplished piece of work that reflects the talents and experience of Chris While and Julie Matthews. The songs are varied musically, moving with ease from gentle contemplation to pop inflections and even anthems, and the lyrics range from whimsical to profound. I don’t think you can ask for much more than that.

“Shoulder to Shoulder” is out on Friday September on Fat Cat Records via Circuit Music (FATCD 035).

New single 'Here it Comes Again' - 'Ordinary Day'

11 July 2016

Hi Everyone,

As you know the new album 'Shoulder to Shoulder' will be released on September 16th but before that we will be releasing the new single (download only) on 26th August.

it will have two new songs on it from the album, 'Here it Comes Again and 'Ordinary Day'

Please visit our Facebook page for more regular up-dates and visuals. www.facebook.com/whileandmatthews or find the link at the bottom of the home page.

Shoulder to Shoulder

12 April 2016

Our new album 'Shoulder to Shoulder' is almost finished and ready to go to the manufacturers. There are some awesome guests on the CD and the cover includes some brilliant artwork from Julie.

Please check out the dates on the tour page for the summer and autumn.

See you soon.......

The Ballads of Child Migration - Live

10 December 2015

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

19th January 2016

Featuring Barbara Dickson,John McCusker, Boo Hewerdine, Chris While, Julie Matthews, Kris Drever, Mike McGoldrick, Barry Coope, Jim Boyes, O'Hooley & Tidow, Jez Lowe and special guest Eddi Reader

• The critically acclaimed album, The Ballads of Child Migration, played live in full for the first time.

• Plus readings, footage and interviews with former Child Migrants.

• A special tribute to the children affected by Britain's Child Migration schemes.

• Part of Celtic Connections festival - Tuesday 19th January 2016 - 7:30pm

The Ballads of Child Migration is an album of new songs from some of the country's finest folk musicians inspired by the heart-breaking true stories of Britain's Child Migrants. The songs feature in an exhibition taking place at The V&A Museum of Childhood, have been played on BBC Radio 2, and are being used as the soundtrack to a forthcoming new drama from Michael Morpurgo.

On the 19th January, as part of the Celtic Connections Festival, the album will be performed live in full for the first time at Glasgow's Royal Concert Hall.

Between 1869 and 1970 an estimated 100,000 British children were sent to various Commonwealth countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Rhodesia. The migration schemes were run by a partnership of charities, religious organisations and governments and claimed to offer boys and girls the opportunity of a better life in Britain's Empire. Many migrants never saw their homes or their families again.

The migration schemes were aimed at children "deprived of a normal family life" - those placed in charitable homes or workhouse schools by families unable to cope with poverty or ill-health. Many parents believed their children were heading for a better life, but in many cases the reality was far different.

In Canada, they were often ostracised by the new families that housed them and, seen as little more than cheap labour, were forced to work long hours or face physical beatings. In Australia, some children were sent to work on remote farms, cut off from much of the rest of civilization living in terrible conditions. The Ballads of Child Migration have been written to keep alive the memories of these experiences.

The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall will host this special and emotional tribute to those children on the 19th of January, presented by Barbara Dixon with music from John McCusker, Kris Drever, Boo Hewerdine, Chris While, Julie Matthews, Mike McGoldrick, Jim Boyes, Barry Coope, O'Hooley & Tidow, Jez Lowe and special guest Eddi Reader.

Visit the Celtic Connections website for tickets.

Or call the Box Office: 0141 353 8000

The Guardian album review

Folk Radio UK album review

Video - Are We Human

23 November 2015

Many of you will know that we have released a download only single of Julie's song 'Are We Human' with all the money raised going to MOAS (Migrant offshore aid station). We have initially released it through our record company's website as all the money donated goes to the charity as there is no middle man.

Unfortunately, we soon discovered that as the download is an MP3, it doesn't go into any mobile Apple devices so it has been a bit of a challenge sorting this out to say the least. In light of this, it will also be released on iTunes on the 4th of December for those who want this easier option with their iPhones but unfortunately Apple take 50% of the money.

Whichever download you choose, please choose one of them, this is a brilliant charity doing incredible and desperately needed lifesaving work. To download the MP3 please visit www.circuitsounds.uk

So here is a link to a phenomenal video that our dear friend Ruth Tidmarsh has created to promote the single and charity. We can't thank Ruth enough for doing this, it must have been the hardest promotional video that anyone has had to put together but we all believe it is for a brilliant cause. Please be warned before you click on this link that some of the footage is disturbing.

New Daphne's Flight album

knows time, knows change cd

The new Daphne's Flight album, Knows Time Knows Change, will be released on 5th May. Available here on the Daphne's Flight website.

Tour Flyer

The flyer for the Daphne's Flight tour is available for download as a pdf file.

Download Flyer

Are We Human?

Our single in support of refugees. All proceeds go to support MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station www.moas.eu). Available for download from Circuit Music.

Upcoming tour dates

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