Albion Heart - Matthews &While
From the Album ‘Albion Heart’ The Albion Band


Hard times made a gypsy of him
Carried away on an emmigrant wind
Behind him the white cliffs were fading away
The unknown horizon was calling
With tears in his eyes he said his goodbyes to England

Goodbye to my homeland
Now we’re apart
I’ll keep you in mind, never leave you behind
In my Albion Heart

She was born of higher degree
And their love was shared secretly
In separate circles condemned by his class
He left for America’s shore
Vowing to come back a gentleman one day to England


After seven long years the wind turned around
And a gentleman now for England was bound
No longer a tradesman he came to her door
With love in his heart overflowing
He swept her away they married that day there in England

So here in my homeland
We never will part
I kept you in mind, never left you behind
In my Albion Heart