Angels Walk Among Us - Matthews
From the album ‘Higher Potential’ While and Matthews

Do you remember you were down on your luck
You held your hand out to a stranger?
Something in his eyes
You almost recognised
Something in that look changed you
Took you out of the madness
Somehow made you stronger
I believe that Angels walk among us

I believe Angels walk among us
I Believe, I believe Angels walk among us

All she remembers is, she was falling
And the ground was getting nearer
“Oh! God forgive me” she said, “please be with me
In this moment it all seems clearer”
With 20 feet left to fall, she stalled
And her skirt blew out around her
Set her down
Where Angels walk among us


We get so caught up in the smaller stuff
We miss the bigger picture
`Til something so profound knocks us down
And suddenly it hits you
Angels among us

It's in the eyes of the sleeping child
And the mothers look of wonder
It's in the arms of the one I love
And the magic spell I'm under
It's in the feeling there's someone here
When I'm sitting on my own
I'm not alone, 'Cause Angels walk among us