Blue Songs on a Red Guitar – Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Such is Life’ Julie Matthews

Me and my shadow we’re never apart
We know the blues by heart
We sing them in the morning with the sun on the rise
Sing them at night to star studded skies
And I'm not crazy though it looks that way
It's just that me and my shadow like to play

Blue songs on a red guitar
Me and my shadow do a fine routine
And it's taking the aching right out of my heart
Playing blues on a red guitar

Well I talk to the walls but the walls never hear
My pillow won't dry up none of my tears
But when the night comes down and my shadow comes out
She knows what all of this heartache's about
And I'm not afraid of the darkness you see
It's only my shadow that's following me....singing


And I will not be denied my sorrow
I've earned the right to feel this way
Maybe I will change my tune tomorrow
But just tonight I think I'll play