Class Reunion - Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Piecework’ While and Matthews

Monday morning when the papers came,
The ad jumped out on the personal page,
Were you in the class of ’78, if so lets make a date,
Make a date for a class reunion, all replies please send to Susan,
It all came back like the worst of dreams,
Susan was the captain of the netball team.

It all came back in a cloak of hurt,
Standing in line in my netball skirt,
The names were called out one by one,
Mine wasn’t picked it was forced upon,
Susan Collins and her glorious team, but I was the weak link in between,
I can’t throw and I can’t catch,
Enough to say we lost the match.

Na na na na na na………..

She was the idol of us then,
Stood like an Amazon five feet, ten
Girls and boys alike adored her,
My very presence bored her,
So I found myself alone, on the bus to school and the bus back home,
On the outside of the ring,
Adolescent pain is a deep deep thing,

Na na na na na na…

Well God knows how I found the nerve,
But I pulled my car up to the kerb,
The kerb outside the entrance hall,
The school hadn’t changed that much at all,
Fifteen years of hurt lay buried, a moment like this can’t be hurried,
I sat frozen in my seat
When a car pulled up across the street

She looked up and caught my eye,
Caught her breath in her surprise,
And when She finally turned her gaze,
I saw shame upon her face,
Seems I’m not the only one, haunted by the things She’s done,
I never went to the class reunion,
I got drunk that night with Susan.

Na Na …….