Digging Holes – Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Higher Potential’ While and Matthews

We've come a long way since we lived in caves,
We moved some mountains along the way.
We put up houses and we laid down roads,
We've got protection when the big wind blows.
It seems to me there is a higher potential,
But we keep on missing the goals,
We just move in circles,
Digging Holes, Filling 'em in.

There's a million lines of communication,
In this technological era,
But mostly we're still miles apart,
And not getting much nearer.
For every single compassionate gesture,
There's a thousand that we don’t show,
It seems we'd rather keep our heads down,
Digging Holes, Filling 'em in.

Everybody wants, a little bit of something,
That they can call their own.
But even when we get it, all we do is hold it, and like a dog with a bone,
We start digging Holes.