Every word we speak (sounds like goodbye) – Matthews
From the Album ‘In the big room’ Chris While

Once I was a light, shining in your heart
Burning like a beacon in the night
But something blew it out and now there’s not a spark,
Not the faintest flickering in sight
Once I could move mountains or so it seemed to you
Now I’m just an obstacle that will not let you through
And I don’t know how this started or where the blame can lie
But every word we speak sounds like goodbye

So here we sit in silence, the dinner plates between us
Waiting for the storm to break the tension
And you’re afraid to say it and I’m afraid to ask
So the moment slips away beyond redemption
Once we’d talk for hours and while away the night
Now I talk to shadows til the shadows fade to light
And I don’t know how to change this, tell me how can I?
When every word sounds like goodbye

And nothing seems so final and quite as crystal clear
When both of us are lonesome though the two of us are here
And I know you’d stay here with me but that would be a lie
When every word we speak sounds like goodbye
Every word we speak sounds like goodbye