Faithless Heart - Matthews
From the album ‘Slow’ Julie Matthews

You love me, you love me not
I cannot hold on to what I haven’t got
You say you will and then you won’t
I’m running rings around the do’s and don’ts
But I can’t know the secrets and the corners of your heart
I thought I had a blueprint but it led me way off mark
And now I’m only

Chasing Lonely, Chasing pain
It’s like I’m looking for the cloud that threatens rain
I should jump this sinking ship and swim to port
But I’m anchored to a faithless Heart

You say it’s over, and then it starts
This unseen line that runs between our fragile hearts
And I can’t break it, though I’ve tried
I wear my heart upon my sleeve and I can’t hide
I should run a thousand miles, lock myself away
Sit and count the cost and the price I’ve had to pay
But I’d be only,


And you come out the lucky one, seemingly unscathed
And I am just the debris in your wake
I am only,