Feel Good List – Matthews & While
From the album ‘Here and Now’ While and Matthews

I’ve got a list in rows and numbers to hang up on the wall
A reminder of the things that lift me when my spirits fall
Like chocolate ice cream
Thunder and lightening
Sold out on the door
And empty coastline
Really cold wine
A crown that shouts for more

Theses are the things that make me feel the way I should
Theses are the things that make me feel good

In no particular order or preference the list goes on and on
A perfect guide a feel good reference for me to draw upon
Like the twelve apostles
The Indigo girls
And any Beatles song
Love and laughter
Friends that matter
Feeling like I belong


Fly my kite on a windy day – when the traffic lights go my way
Stephen King and Carole too – Joni Mitchell singing Blue
Films and books than seem so real – Mrs. Miller, Spinning Wheel
The way that music makes me feel

Like finding the last line – making it rhyme
Receiving a hand written letter
But nothing makes me feel as good as making you feel better