Hold On - Music; Matthews, While & Brookfield. Lyric; Matthews & While.

No need to ask, if I love you
No need to call, I'm already there
No need to cry for my attention
I already heard, no need to breathe a word

No one could love, like I love you
No one but you, could keep my faith
No one could break this bond between us
And we could make it stronger, just wait a little longer

Hold on, don't be letting go now
Hold on, now we've come this far
Hold on, we can go the distance and be better than we are
Better than anybody ever dreamed we ever could become
Better then, to just hold on….

So no need to ask if I still love you
No need to ask, I always will
You'd better believe me when I tell you
No matter what may come, I'll be holding on.