My Secret Place - Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Demi Paradise’ The Albion Band

Here in this hole, No-one bothers me,
I even have some camouflage to cover me.
Here in this hole I can disappear,
And no one knows where Annie goes but look I’m here.
I dug it out beneath the garden wall
With Daddy’s spade it took all afternoon
I like it best when cherry blossoms fall
And sweet perfume fills my room

Here in this hole I don’t have a view,
And though it’s small I’m sure it’s big enough for two
Here you can’t hear when they scream and shout
I dug it deep so it would keep their voices out
And if you’d like a special place to go
Maybe I will take you down below
Down below into my secret place
But only if you swear, you won’t tell that it’s there
There underneath the garden wall
There where cherry blossom petals fall