Pass it on – Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Perfect Mistake’ While and Matthews

Think a good thought then think one a little better
Don’t keep a good thought locked away
We’ve gotta learn to share these things together
And give each pearl of wisdom away – hey – hey

Pass it on – to your neighbour
Pass it on – to a friend
Pass it on – to a stranger passing through
Pass it on – to your brother
Pass it on – to your lover
Pass it on – It’ll all come back to you

Wear a smile where it’s least expected
At the bus-stop in the rain
Down inside you’re feeling cold and dejected
‘Til somebody gives your smile back again – hey – hey


You’ve got a kindness full to overflowing
Waiting ‘til the right one comes
But while you keep your kind side from showing
There’ll be no room until you pass it on – oh –oh!