Slow - Matthews
From the album ‘Slow’ Julie Matthews

Step too close too the edge, you’ll start an avalanche
Too far out on the limb, you’ll break the sighing branch
I’m not saying we can stop the course of the flow – no
All I want is to take each movement slow

I want to make this dance perfect, our bodies to meet
Anticipate every move you feel in the beat
If we hurry the footwork Darling we’ll stumble and ruin the show
So come into my arms and we will make the next dance slow

The fruit tastes so much sweeter
If you let it ripen and grow
Why hurry the first Darling
When you can take it oh – so – slow

While we’re chasing the might be’s we’re missing the moment
Can’t cool our feet in the water while we’re riding the current
I want to take all of you in, even the parts you don’t show
That’s why I’m taking my time
I’m taking you slow