Superman – Matthews
Written for the BBC Radio 2 Radio Ballads ‘The Enemy within’

I am a man of mystery
Emotions like electricity
A superman, superman
I keep my powers hidden out of sight
My alter ego is the speed of light
I’m a Superman, like Superman

The blood that rushes through my veins
Ran through my Father’s just the same
Like Superman, superman
Thought I knew all there was to know about him
Just an ordinary Joe I found him
Superman, my Dad was a Superman

Sometimes these powers are too much to hold
My blood boils and my hearts goes cold
Superman, I feel like superman
It’s then I have to pull the reins in tight
Keep away from the Krypyonite
Superman, just like Superman

I won’t forget him though he’s gone
He told me I’m the special one now
Superman, like Superman
Though strong and special we are made
Supermen still break