The Better Me – Matthews
From the album ‘Slow’ Julie Matthews

What a tangled web we weave
Sinking more than we believe
We could ever go so low
Becoming people we don’t know
But look at all this pain and hurt
Scattering like ash in dirt
And so I turn my face away
I’m anything but proud today

I’m not all I hoped I’d be, but in your eyes I see a better me
Full of possibility, you define the better me
You define the better me.

Someone said in love and war
We’re capable of all and more
The best and worst that we can be
In the face of such adversity
But it can bring you to your knees
The blow is swift and dealt with ease
And so I turn my face away
I’m anything but strong today


Everything goes round and round
Everything gets dealt and earned
And though the deck gets cut
The dealer gets burned

So take me in your arms tonight
I’ll hide my darkness from your light
We’ll put away these masks we wear
When the pain is more than we can bear
And if your eyes can bear to see
All the flaws still there in me
I won’t turn my face away
I’ll be anything you need today