Where is my Angel – Julie Matthews
From the album ‘Slow’ Julie Matthews

Where is my angel?
Where is her guiding and merciful light?
Where is my angel?
Is she in the shadows of this cold dark night?
‘Cause I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep
I’ve got a burden that’s too heavy to bear
Show me a sign, help me believe my angel is there

Where’s the salvation?
How will I ever forgive myself this?
It’s a hard revelation
And I sealed it with a Judas kiss
I close my eyes, shut them tight
Tryna make a wrong right
I’m down on my knees, I beg and plead for salvation tonight

Angel – Angel

I call on my angel
To help me heal your wounded heart
Where do I begin now?
To put together what I tore apart
Something so precious, something so true
I broke your heart in two
I call on my angel, show me the way to heal the hurt in you
I call on my angel, to heal the hurt in you