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Chris While

25 April 2011

Hi Everyone,

As you've seen I'm sure, we have been getting more and more spam on the guestbook so unfortunately we will be taking the guestbook down in the next couple of days. Thanks for all your lovely messages over the years.

Please visit us on facebook instead

Lots a love



10 April 2011

Thanks for another great night at Pacific Road last night. Hope you have chance to recharge your batteries before your next round of activities- you must be cream crackered after 'Rejoice' and your tour. Take care girls, you're very special!!

Julie Parker

09 April 2011

Hi! Thanks for another great Rejoice the Voice workshop. Am wondering when music available to download. Anna and I off to Cape Town on Monday and were hoping to take it with us to sing!!

Thanks. Julie

Judy Edwards

07 April 2011

Just got back from Banbury what a brillant night and even better with the band . Hope the viove gets better soon Julie . Looking foward to seeing Chris and kelly on the 25th May


05 April 2011

Chris & Julie ...

Just wanted to say thank you for the evening at Bournemouth Folk Club. It was great. I tried to capture my feelings on my blog ... hope you don't mind me adding the lyrics for Ghost of You.

I think Hitting the Ground Running is your best yet ... which ... considering what has been before ... is kinda fantastic.

Thanks again :)


Sarah Williams

18 March 2011

Any spaces left Penrith Sunday?


17 March 2011


Ive just got my tickets for the concert in June at Wigan Parish Church!!!!

So excited,counting down already.

Thanks for all the great music and joy you bring.

Best wishes.

Jane Lucas

14 March 2011

Thanks again for a great day of singing and fun! Still can't believe the results when listening back to the songs! You are all amazing!!

Lotsa luv and see you soon.

Jane (Shiningfriends)

Nicky Titchener

14 March 2011

Thanks so much for Rejoice the Voice in Brum. Jenny and I really enjoyed it and the time simply flew by. I was on a high all the way home! I never thought I'd be able to sing harmony parts and it was a thrill. See you in Oz next year! xoxo


09 February 2011

So sorry you didn't win but to your many loyal fans you will always be the best!

Oh what joy, new venue playing at WIGAN Parish Church in June.

Been to a few concerts there - great setting, lovely lighting/sound etc can't wait!!!!!!