Guestbook - April 2009 entries


28 April 2009

Hi girls,

Welcome home!!! We've all missed you and we're glad to have you back. Great fun being able to follow you on your tour,thanks for that. Hope you both manage to have a bit of a rest before all the fun starts again. Love Mandy x x x

Mary Hancock

20 April 2009

Hi - I've just had the pleasure of hearing you both for the first time last w/end at the Fairbridge festival here in Western Australia. For me you were the highlight of the festival. Your voices are beautiful and your lyrics really touched me. Although I've lived here in Oz for many years, I felt proud that such wonderful singer/songwriters as you come from my homeland. I hope it's not too long before you both come back to Perth.

Cheers, Mary


17 April 2009

Hiya Mandy

Yes I am VERY old, or at least I feel it Ha!


Another great update from Australia. I have booked to see you in Reeth in September - can't wait.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour.


14 April 2009

God Maz how old are you???? lol Yes i'm afraid i do kinda remember those names



03 April 2009

Hiya girls

great pictures from Rainbow Retreat.

They made me laugh out loud.

Perhaps I am showing my age but does anyone remember Tingha and Tucker, Willie Wombat and Aunty Jean? happy memories!


02 April 2009

won't forget your birthday in a hurry Julie- mY Grandad would have been 96 today and Grandma was called Julie! we called her Jewell because she was priceless - a bit like you!

hope you had the happiest birthday today


02 April 2009

Happy Birthday Julie

Been reading the tour updates, hope you are both having a great time !


02 April 2009

Happy Birthday Jules........

you old b****r!!!

Big love

Agent Barke & Ish xxx


01 April 2009

Hi Julie

Is it your birthday on 2nd April? - think its on the cover of the album with the passports. anyway, if it is your birthday tomorrow, have a fantastic day and if it isn't, have a fantastic day :-)