Guestbook - April 2010 entries

Andrea Wright

24 April 2010

I recently bought a copy of "Here and Now" and just wanted to say thank you ... I especially love the track "The Here and Now".

I've included a copy of the lyrics on my blog ... you can see it in context on the entry dated 24 April 2010 ... I hope that's ok.

If there's a problem then please let me know and I'll remove the lyrics.

Thanks again!


High flyer

04 April 2010

She's back!

Happy easter Chris and Julie. Easter is the time I go retro and then renew. I was moved by your concert in the Fitzroy last year and kindness. It was so magic that I'm sure I glimpsed the Easter bunny and Harvey walking down the aisle. Tonight was the launch of the Joanie Mitchell album. Impossible to get very close to troub cos of the crowds but Liz Frencham sung a wonderful case of you. In answer to your $64,ooo question of last year in Fitzroy, Julie, we only get the best British telly here such as the wonderful LIfe on Mars so that we have our own stuff such as superlative McLeods daughters. So you prefer Canterbury, to Canberra, this year, Julie, lol. Have a great birthday anyway. xxx

Hil Moore

01 April 2010

Hi- my Poynton Cd arrived yesterday- FANTASTIC, thanks Julie.Have sung myself silly everywhere I've driven today and feel so much better for it. It's lovely to have the 'live' bits at the end of some of the tracks, cos I can relive the day.

It's a brilliant thing that you 3 do for Rejoice; thank you all SO much! Have a happy, chocolate filled Easter! Love Hil