Guestbook - February 2009 entries

Jayne Johnson

26 February 2009

WOW! I have never heard you before the folk awards video on the BBC and I want to say a sincere thank you your performance. I was moved by the clarity in your voices and harmony on stage, I wish I had been there, as your interaction and love of the song was electric. You have certainly turned me on to your music and I will without doubt now search out your cds and attend your gigs

Well Done you deserve all the praise you get.

Thank you you really moved me.

I am now going to watch you both again for the 100th time :-)


20 February 2009

Congratulations on your Folk Award.

Note that the BBC Video doesn't work in Italy too.

(the site says "Not available in your area")

Thanks again, and hope to see you soonest in Italy.


Sally Tutan

19 February 2009

I think you're both fantastic - and Julie you are the BEST cousin in the whole world :-)

sue frost

14 February 2009

Well done ladies - got to hear about you through Helen Watson - you are superb, well done on the award. Looking forward to seeing you for the first time in Lichfield in October - its ges away!


10 February 2009

I would so love to see the Folk Award video but the site says "Not available in your area"




08 February 2009

Congratulations you two wonderful women. As many have said, Not before time! Your friends in New Zealand think you're amazing.

Love from all of us Down Under


08 February 2009

Great picture of you both and Barbara. I love Barbara but I love you two more!!!


Sharan and Anne-Marie

08 February 2009

Well, have just listenend to the Folk Awards for the umpteenth time and stopped to add our heartfelt congratulations to the long list you've already received. About b***** time too!

All the best, S & AM

Julie Dawson

08 February 2009

Congratulations on your folk award, you deserve it.Sending best wishes.Julie from Pirton

Julie Matthews

07 February 2009

Thank you all so much for your many letters of congratulations and support following the BBC Awards. Can't begin to express how lucky and supported I feel. Julie

Chris While

07 February 2009

I just want to say a big thank you for all your good wishes, we wouldn't be in this position without you all.



07 February 2009

Congratulations you should have had this years ago,you must be so happy as you know all your fans are.

John Lennard

07 February 2009

Congratulations Chris and Julie. This is long overdue and so well deserved. Hope to see you this year.


05 February 2009

knew you'd win - fantastic

gorgeous photo with james taylor another music hero of mine. you two like him have a way of making your audiance feel like they are just in your front room having a cup of tea. in fact, once at a james taylor concert in colston hall in bristol I remember him asking the audiance whether he could get anyone a cup of tea.

looking forward to getting to hear you sing again soon.


05 February 2009

Cracking news. This award should stay yours for many years - there is no other act to touch you

Pete Abbott

04 February 2009

I should think so too!!! You've been the best duo around for a long, long time! Congratulations.

Tim Bramwell

04 February 2009

How utterly fantastic to listen to the radio and recognise the performers -without having to be told who it is - and what joy - oh what joy!

Congratulations to you both - very well deserved and dare I say long overdue. keep up the good work!

Carole Mooney

04 February 2009


At last :-) :-)

Carole Mooney


Alan Keefe

04 February 2009

From another Westhoughton regular....about time you got the recognition that's been deserved for years! Well done ladies and many congratulations!!

Barry Westhead

04 February 2009

Delighted to hear the news...long overdue. We, at Westhoughton knew years ago that you were the best. Thanks for two great evenings over the last three weeks. All from Westhoughton look forward to seeing you soon.

Jean M Hibbert

03 February 2009

Great to hear you both separately in the last 3 weeks but so chuffed to hear you've won together at last - from part of "Westhoughton On Tour" family!!

Sue and Janet

03 February 2009

Congratulations and very well done to both of you.

Not before time.

We are delighted and look forward to seeing you soon.

Heather and Carol

03 February 2009

What wonderful news - way overdue, but perhaps now millions more people will hear and be bowled over by your great music. Well done both!! xx

Pam and Martin

03 February 2009

About blooping time that the voters for this award caught up with what we've known since for ever! Many congratulations to you both.

Mike Burrow

03 February 2009

Congratulations on your win. Long overdue and well deserved. And with James Taylor there too - perfect!



03 February 2009

Fantastic news and well deserved!!

pat ryan

03 February 2009

About time too.


See you soon.

Love Pat xx


02 February 2009

Huge congratulations to both of you!

Very much deserved, and I'm glad common sense prevailed this year!!!

(I just wish the snow had done the decent thing and waited til tomorrow - I'd planned to come and see you at Foyles this afternoon)

Sue and Jude

02 February 2009

You did it girls, we are overjoyed. Onwards and upwards! Much love xx

Maggie Duffy

02 February 2009

HOORAY !!!!! Well done & most well deserved

Maggie Duffy xx

Jane Mahon

02 February 2009

Absolutely fantastic news - well done!!! Hope you are celebrating in style. Jane and Colin xx


02 February 2009

Hi Chris & Julie! I'm proud of you! Congratulations!


Ray & Jay

02 February 2009

We are so pleased to hear that you have finally won best duo of the year after all those nominations. And to think you are going to be playing at our first ever organised concert for River Folk in Lechlade.

Jan and Sand

02 February 2009

Congratulations! At last! It's official - Chris While and Julie Matthews are the BBC Folk Awards' BEST DUO 2009. You both so deserve it! Lots of love, Jan and Sand xxx


02 February 2009

Fantastic news girls well done!!!! Been thinking about you all evening.

See you soon




P.s haha beat you Agnes and Mimi lol

Maria & Simon

02 February 2009

Well done for winning at the Folk Awards

M & S



02 February 2009

Congratulations to you both on winning the BEST DUO, you've always been the best duo to me anyway but I'm glad you officially are now!

I am soooo happy for you



Mike Burrow

02 February 2009

Matt has done a good job with the new website - I like the new functionality and having the news items dated.

The test will be how easily you can keep the content up to date. So far, so good. The announcement of the Foyles event was a bit late as it had been on Talkawhile 3 days before, but the announcement of its cancellation was very timely and avoided a wasted trudge through the snow.

Best wishes,