Guestbook - February 2010 entries

Andrea Wright

25 February 2010

Hi! A friend mentioned you both on a Christmas Card. Two CD's later (and counting) I thought I'd like to say thank you. Lyrics ... tunes ... voices. I especially love Poles Apart, A simple Twist of Fate ... it's no good making a list ... it would go on and on. Anyway ... thank you. I'm looking forwards to getting to a gig sometime soon.



Julie Matthews

25 February 2010

In answer to Bill's post below, there is a While and Matthews wikipedia page under 'While and Matthews', there are also individual entries under our own names. Thanks for the add to the 'Head smashed in' page Bill.

Bill Krouwel

23 February 2010

Just a note to say I've put you on thr "Head Smashed In" page of Wikipedia - and was surprised that you didn't have your own wikipedia page...perhaps because (unlike so much on W-ped) you DO actually exist....

Mike Burrow

08 February 2010

Hi, Chris.

Good to see you enjoying the Folk Awards. We went to see the Transatlantic Sessions on Saturday and it was a very good concert. Much better than the much hyped Imagined Village who we saw at the QEH the previous weekend and who really didn't inspire me.

But where can we see you? Surely you must be performing somewhere before POTL (other than RtV of course).