Guestbook - February 2011 entries


09 February 2011

So sorry you didn't win but to your many loyal fans you will always be the best!

Oh what joy, new venue playing at WIGAN Parish Church in June.

Been to a few concerts there - great setting, lovely lighting/sound etc can't wait!!!!!!

Janet McClean

08 February 2011

You sounded great on the radio before the Folk Awards. Shame you didn't win but we know the quality of your work is brilliant (Broken Wheel is a gem in a great body of work). x

Maggie Billington

06 February 2011

Not seen you for years, but then it is my own fault for hiding myself away up here! Hope things are still going well. Although I'm not doing much singing these days, involved in music again with local arts group. We book alsorts, including theatre. Get in touch if you've time.