Guestbook - January 2010 entries


17 January 2010

Hi Chris & Julie,

ordered our tickets for POTL yesterday and we are so looking forward to it!!! Winter is looking so much less grey today!

Love, Donate


13 January 2010

For all you early birds tickets will become available soon. I am awaiting a batch to arrive by post as soon as weather conditions enable our postman out here. WWW Matt is working on having the relevant forms up on the POTL web site soon so please keep watching or if you are on C & J's mailing list you should get an email informing you that it's all go. You wouldn't want to be sitting on the lawn now, not without your thermals. Heres to a blazing June.



11 January 2010

Happy 2010 all.

I am trying to book tickets for party on the lawn but without success; is there another way to book?

Many thanks,

Heather Harry


11 January 2010

Hi. When will Party on the Lawn tickets be available. Been on the site but just says January. Happy New Year by the way!

Already on emailing list.

Allthe best Jenny, Saltburn


03 January 2010

Sorry for spelling mistakes in last message - been in a bit of a hurry! Oops


03 January 2010

Ok, it's January...POTL tickets? Not that I'm panicking that we might not get them of course!!!

Oh and Happy New Year by the way.

Oh and thanks again for South Petherton my dear Aggies.

Thanks for making life worth living - uts been abit tough this year.