Guestbook - June 2009 entries

River Folk

20 June 2009

Thanks for a very special evening on the 19th June in Lechlade. You have given River Folk's 1st concert a fantastic start by putting on such a great show. Also, thanks to Simon for being so accommodating in mixing the sound for Chalice.

Hopefully, we'll see you again at the same event with St. Agnes Fountain.

Ray & Jay

The Website Team

08 June 2009

In response to Donate's message regarding the spam that has been hitting this Guestbook, it's clearly an inconvenience to everybody who comes here on a regular basis and we just want you to know that we are working hard to try and keep it under control.

It's probably not much consolation but those spam messages that do make it through our defences onto the face of the Guestbook represent a tiny proportion of the roughly 1,400 2,000 that we successfully block every day.

We would prefer to avoid the added inconvenience of CAPTCHA but will continue to monitor the situation and if the problem becomes unmanageable we will of course consider implementing a further layer of protection.


08 June 2009

Hiya girls,

Strange to be back in Holland again, as it's an entirely different world from the shows and RtV. It was a privelege to be part of it all, thank you! The magic still lingers...



Anthony Witt

07 June 2009

just listening to your cd. love it!

really satisfying harmonies and honest emotional outpouring.

some of the ladies from reading gay chorus came to one of your workshops and they are singing two of the things they learned in our next show.

kind regards,

anthony witt.

musical director/reading gay chorus.


07 June 2009

Yes - Hitchin was fantastic. I want more ... but I guess I'll have to be satisfied with the two new CDs I got today for the meantime!


07 June 2009

Just back from Hitchin RTV and as expected a brilliant day!! Thanks girls for all of the hard work you put into them. I met some great people and sang some beautiful songs. Singing standing next to Chris,Julie and Helen,does it get any better!!!!!

Julie hope you made it back for The Apprentice!

Thanks once again



06 June 2009

Hi Chris & Julie,

I've felt your music is very addictive from the very first moment I heard the Bad Honnef show on our local German radio station - but different from all this spam stuff appearing here recently - it has absolutely no bad side effects!

Hope you'll find a way to stop the Spam, maybe with kind of a CAPTCHA system.

XXX Donate

mike huntington

03 June 2009

Hi Chris & Julie,

I have directed a colleague towards "rejoice the voice" in Kendal, I do hope she joins you,

I met her today at an NHS workshop where we had to introduce ourselves to some one we did not know etc,she told me she enjoyed singing and had joined a choral society, but was not a confident singer, she was enthusiastic when I told her a bit about you and your workshops,

hope to come and see you live at Hornby again,

now you have reissued Still on Fire any thoughts on performing "memories of you"

you have been one of my inspirations musically since Blackpool, Fylde and Anne Green's clubs

looking forward to Bare Bones




03 June 2009

Hi Chris & Julie,

we came home from the UK last night where saw you at Marlborough and Hailsham... and we are still singing and talking about it. Two wonderful shows! Enjoyed them so very much! And thankyou for dedicating "Somewhere" to me - I felt so honored!

Have a wonderful summer with many many amazing shows!

Love, Donate

Jillian Drewitt

02 June 2009

Hi Chris & Julie I really enjoyed the concert at Marlborough, fantastic. Hope the song Finlandia by the Indigo Girls will be used at next year's singing workshop! Love and Best Wishes Jill XX