Guestbook - June 2010 entries


29 June 2010

Well I am not sure if J was at the same POTL that I was at.

I loved the acts and thought that the Monkey tree food was not only delicious but good value for money (have you see the prices that are charged at other festivals?) I cannot comment on the organic Pig Van as I did not use them.

The whole day was really good and in my opinion well organised and good value for money too!

As for barbequing – I personally would never dream of doing such a thing on a campsite with other campers about – in such a dry period I would feel very uneasy about causing a fire, having witnessed a tent fire at Cambridge Festival I would not be happy to put other people property at peril and they are not always the most pleasant thing to inflict on anyone else.

I do understand constructive criticism but when someone has a list that goes to five points …… I just wonder …..

Thank you to the organisers and to the acts



28 June 2010

Just had to stick my oar in too. Yes POTL was another success as far as all in our group was concerned. Music great as usual, we did miss a bit of Julie or Chris or both earlier in the day because other sets were scheduled, but hey, we got you at night - thanks!!

Food was not an issue for us, we self catered for most of the weekend so can't really comment, did appreciate the soup on Saturday evening though 'cos it was getting a bit nippy. As for cost - go to other festivals and compare.

Many people expect to be able to barbecue, perhaps some guidelines could be issued for future Parties on the Lawn? I'm sure the Fire service would be happy to oblige - as I'm equally sure they had been consulted before the event started.

Lets face it J, if you feel you've had a negative experience, put it down to just that and try something else in future. We've got a list of at least 8 other people who'd like to come with us next year, perhaps we could use the tickets you would have bought if you'd planned on going again?

All best wishes to everyone and thanks for another chance to 'get away from it all' and relax for a while.

Pat Ryan

28 June 2010

Just to say there were 18 of us at POTL, from WFC, who had never been before.

We had a brilliant time and thoroughly enjoyed the music. The food on site , from both stalls was excellent value & very tasty. The setting was unbeatable & everyone very friendly. Well done girls & all the team. xx


28 June 2010

Very well said Jules.

Everyone works really hard to make the day a sucess. I for one had another fantastic time & enjoyed every act.

Cheers Mandy for the feed back on Monkey Tree, I think we were more than reasonable too & very good food all round.

Thanks to Jo, Rob, Chris & Julie for another fantastic day & please note most of us appreciate how much work is involved in the set up.


27 June 2010

I agree with all of your responses to J. I don't think some people appreciate the hard work and planning of such an event.All of the sets were fantastic and although we all missed you during the day it was well worth the wait,you absolutely rocked!!! As for saying the on site caterers were overpriced! I had a delicious meal from Monkey Tree for a fiver which I thought was excellent value. I thought the event was extremely well organised and managed and look forward to many more,hopefully. Thank you girls xx

Julie Matthews

27 June 2010

We’d like to take this opportunity to reply to J’s comments about this year's Party on the Lawn.

We always appreciate and to try to take on board all feedback after the event and while the majority this time around has been favourable, we do need to address any negative ones.

First of all, while we have in previous years made appearances in other combos throughout the day, the duo have never finished the night, we’ve always finished with either the ‘Big Band’ or ‘Blue Tapestry’. We do accept however that not making any appearances prior to the last slot was a disappointment to a lot of people and we have resolved to address this next time around. This said, I for one loved all the acts on the bill this year and thought it was a world class line-up.

With regard to me not taking my equal share alongside Chris at the forefront of the band, I can assure you the set was very carefully balanced and I for one had a ball.

With reference to the criticism revolving around the barbequing ban on the campsite; first of all, we had to make some kind of a reaction as one person threatened to sue, however, the message to ban open fires and use barbeques with caution was misinterpreted by our stage manager who announced an overall ban on both open fires and barbeques. This was a genuine mistake. I would however like to say that remarks about the on site caterers being overpriced is a matter of opinion, all Helen Browning’s food is locally produced and organic and Monkey Tree were selling pasta meals in homemade sauces which included salad, breads, olives and sides for £5, I don’t think its fair to accuse them of being overpriced.

Jo, Rob, Chris & I work hard and take every care possible to produce a unique and what we always hope will feel like a friendly yet professional festival. All valid points will be noted and acted upon by us all.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support and feedback

Julie Matthews


25 June 2010

Hi Chris & Julie,

tomorrow it'll be a week since this year's POTL. For me it was the second one and the line up was really great. I heard Helen Watson live for the very first time and it felt like a new discovery for me after listening to her on cd for a couple of years. Nancy & James were an inspiration for me as well and I've been listening to their cds a lot the past days.

Only thing I missed: Some more Chris and / or Julie earlier that wonderful day - like Julie's fantastic Radio Ballads gig two years ago for example.

But anyway: It was an unforgettable day and worth every single mile we travelled to come over from Frankfurt. THANKS AGAIN!!!


24 June 2010

a little disappointed with POTL this year, a festival I have looked forward to and attended since it began. Too long a wait for the stars to appear, and then it didnt feel like Julie really took her rightful place at the forefront of the performance in equal measure with Chris. the big band is fine for the afternoon show or the early eveining slot, as has been the case before, but the show really does belong to the immeasureable and incomparable talent that only while and matthews singing as a duo can produce. the line up was not the best ever, though a couple of the acts were very good, the others really could not hold the attention or enrapture the audience as in past years. this festival has always proved such fantastic value for money, with performances from both chris and julie in a solo or additional band capacity as the build up to the usually stupendous performances of the while and mathews duo, intermittently complemented by the invitation of others to join the stage.

attempts to ban barbecues on the actual day without forewarning was a ridiculous and over reactive stance to one incident of irresponsibility from one group of barbecuing campers the previous night, who should have been individuallly and directly dealt with. Even the uptight caravan club would not have taken such a stance, and it smacked of attempts to improve the sales and profits for the quite highly priced on site caterers, from a cynical point of view. We had our barbecue anyway, on the grounds that we had purchased all our food in this style, made our plans accordingly, and believed ourselves to be capable and competent in the art of barbecuing in an open field. Oppressive rules like this reallly have to be made before the date of the event, so that the civilised and capable can choose to go somewhere else if we prefer.

Please revert back to the way things have been done in the past, both for the concert and the management of the camp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


20 June 2010

Just back at The Premier Inn in bed with Lenny Henry after POTL. Wow girls what a set! I'm hoarse and cold but don't care! Thank you so much for all of the organising,I can imagine it must take an enormous amount of time for planning etc. I'm too excited to sleep and Lenny is snoring next to me so I'm going to go through the day in my head! See you out there and thanks once again. Love Mandy xxxxxxxxx


12 June 2010

Hi girls. So excited about nezt weekend. Really missed hearing you sing. Hope we get the weather as the year before last. Really looking forward to seeing you both. Good luck and hope it all goes well. Love Mandy xxx