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Ian again (born in Darnall)!!

29 March 2009

Love the new album, have it on most days in the car. Chris, love your solo album too of course, how do you choose songs to go on your own album as opposed to a While and Matthews album? I'm moving to Dubai this year, so will be able to make your summer show in England (next year), yippee!


28 March 2009

Hi Girls,

Imagine the most hiddeous rainy day,cold,wet,windy and grey, well that's what you're missing!!!

Enjoy the rest of your tour in beautiful warm weather but watch that sun on your face,it's very aging lol xxx


26 March 2009


You were as awesome as ever at Port Fairy and Harmony Row, wish I could travel around the country a bit more to see you!! Julie, thanks again for playing 'The Light....' for my Mum, hopefully she could feel the warmth we all felt during the concert at the winery. She would have loved it!

Enjoy the rest of your travels.


26 March 2009

Wow how fantastic to be able to see you play at last!!! Cold Turkey over here in England,quite bloody literally lol

Thanks for sharing with us all





25 March 2009

Hi Chris & Julie

thanks for sharing your adventures with us! I enjoy every word and how wonderful to watch those videos! Thanks!

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22 March 2009

great to read about your travels round Aus - hope the sun is gathering you and that you are continuing to collect those tapestry moments. keep safe and looking forward to seeing you play when you are back in uk.


ps just worked out how to play chris' beautiful flourish song - together with lovely guitar riff - pity I cant emulate voice too!:-). will not let my version loose on general public - just in my living room! if anyone out there reading has already worked out how to play Julie's 'a single act of kindness' and can point me in the right direction of chord progression so I can work it out would be really grateful - it takes me ages - still living in hope of 2nd chris and Julie song book


19 March 2009

I echo Kirri's comments. I first saw you ladies several years ago at the Katoomba Folk Fest,I have purchased all your CD,and am actually listening to "Together Alone" as I type. You are most to see. I too had the privilidge to see your performances last weekend, Sunday was awesome. I am so moved buy your songwriting and voices, you take my emotions to different levels. I admire that you deal with contraversial issues. Most of all either live or on CD's I enjoy listening to the words your songs as your music does not drown out those beautiful lyrics and voices, as so often happens in this day and age. I look forward to your return in 2 years Thank you Heather

Kerri Curran

17 March 2009

Hi Guys,I saw your 3 gigs at Katoomba and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed each one. Of course I love each of your voices and your amazing harmonies, but I wonder if you are fully aware of the power of your "package"? When you sang (and spoke) about HIV, I was in tears and they hadn't dried when you began the song about the "Comfort" women. I felt like I'd been through a wringer! It's not just the words, the's all of that plus your passion and conviction. It is so honest and totally credible. And PS, I was "tinkerbell" in my netball team too!

I love what you do, congratulations, Kerri


15 March 2009

Thank you for letting us in on your Aussie adventures! It's great to read you're having such a ball :) Can't wait till the next installment - enjoy your time Down Under to the hilt, girls!

Peter Titchener

12 March 2009

Brilliant brilliant brilliant! Even though the last thing I needed was another night out you guys made every minute such a delight. Excellent songs, beautiful harmonies, great sound and wonderful engaging banter. Why the *^%$ aren't you doing arena concerts!! Grrrrr..... Love you. See you in Sydney and Canberra

Clare Bear

12 March 2009

Truely another magnificent performance!

sigh...4 years is worth the wait....a beautiful divine Adelaide backdrop for two extraordinary, angelic performers :) again, with all the major catastrophes in the world today, one thing stays constant and pure in my life - Chris and Julie! Bless xxx


Clare aka Clare Bear

Mike Burrow

11 March 2009

Hi, Best Duo.

It's great to read about your exploits in Australia. It helps to pass the time until you are safe in the arms of your UK fans again. May 11th seems a long way off. "It's been too long since we talked to each other ..."



09 March 2009

Hi Chris & Julie,

I'm so thrilled reading your Port Fairy report! Sounds like a blast! Australians are so lucky to have you Down Under! Looking forward to read and see more!

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