Guestbook - November 2008 entries


25 November 2008

I heard you on woman's hour today and you were brilliant . Pity there was not more of you singing. well done that woman.


22 November 2008

Congrats on the nomination, girls! Hope you win, you deserve it! :)

hug, A

Mike Burrow

18 November 2008

A great night at the Red Lion with what must have been a capacity audience. Thanks, Chris, for the dedication to my mother.

Highlights for me were Blue Old Saturday Night, one of Julie's best songs sung beautifully by Chris, and Natural Woman, always a winner.

Did I hear correctly that Still On Fire is to be rereleased next year? If so, it will please those whose original copies have worn out through overuse and those who have only discovered you since the previous stock sold out, whose frustration must be increased every time this iconic album is mentioned, as it so often is.

The Tour Diary was a great success and I hope that you will also do one for the Aggies tour.

Best wishes,



17 November 2008

Thanks for another great gig at Hitchin last night. I love your obvious enjoyment of what you do. Looking forward to Aggie next month...


17 November 2008

After a difficult couple of months I went to the gig at Carlisle folk and blues club on friday and I would definitely put you on my list of things that made me happy!! A brilliant night, thank you.

C S Cook

09 November 2008

I was there at the Lowry (SALFORD). What can I say. Well for one thing, I could have stood at least two more songs with the banjo without any problem!


06 November 2008

One of these days I'll get a website so I can be famous and fill in the website bit! I can but dream...

Well girls, thanks for yet another great night of song, wit and humour at Bridport, or was it Bridgenorth - I dunno cos we've only been here a short time so please fill in the gaps... and when you know where you've been, tell me where I am! Can't wait for the next performance, we've got tickets for - the David Hall in Dec I think.

Be good


Janice Hilton

03 November 2008

Thanks for a fantastic concert at Shaw my 27 year old daughter and her hubby have now become firm fans. We loved Blind Faith as Carrie my daughter has just had Faith who is now 6 months old so we belted out the song with you. I've bought the new album and one for Carrie's stocking too. It doesn't stop just because they're married and off your hands. Looking forward to Christmas nine of us so far coming to Shaw !!!


01 November 2008

Hi Chris and Julie,just had to say again you are amazing,your track about your list on the wall makes you happy, well on my list you two are at the top.It was fantastic at shaw and yes you guessed it i'm your one standing ovation sorry about spelling.Love the new cd but i love everything you do,your the best xxxxxx