Guestbook - October 2009 entries


07 October 2009

Enjoyed reading your Tour Diary, pleased all went well. Got tickets for Leyland in December (an early christmas pressie!) well done x


07 October 2009

Hi girls,

As always, it was great reading about your adventures, thanks for keeping us up to date! Take good care of yourselves, see you in December :-D

Love, Agnes


06 October 2009

Hello Chris and Julie,

Thank you for the tour diary. I do enjoy following you in a virtual way as well catching you live

See you soon

Maria xxxxxxxx


06 October 2009

Can't believe I've only just found your music (recommendation from fellow Indigo Girls fan),love every track on Together Alone, great sound and such poignant lyrics. Caught you folks at Hereford - really enjoyed - accomplished performance with lots of laughs. Thanks

Shirley Riding

05 October 2009

Hi Chris & Julie

Came to see you at The Duchess in York last night with a special friend and now he's hooked on you too.

Seen you previously at the Lowry.

I absolutely love watching and listening to you.

You are both truly amazing and I look forward to seeing you again.

Love Shirley xxx

Tom McLean

05 October 2009

Hey Guys!

Thank you so much for letting us come last night, we had such a lovely evening and you guys were brilliant as ever!

You always bring such an immediate smile to my face when I see you and I love you both very much :)

Can't wait to see you again! Save me a spot for Party on The Lawn ;)




05 October 2009

Great night at Hornby! Fourth time I've seen you on this tour just gets better & better.By the way Chris, have priced up a frame for the poster...doing overtime for the next week! Hope to see you soon

Pat & Gail

Ian Metcalf

05 October 2009

Came to see you last night at the Duchess in York. I was totally blown away with the lyrics and the music. You are just incredible. Thanks to Shirley who treated me to the concert, I will love you forever for the wonderful evening.

Sue Frost

03 October 2009

The best singer songwriters in ever in the world? - probably

The Lichfield Guidhall concert last night the best I have ever seen in the world? - Definately!

Fiona Gillespie

03 October 2009

Saw you both at the Lichfield Guildhall performance last night. We brought 4 of our friends along to hear you for the first time. You were absolutely brilliant! Thanks so much for an unforgettable evening.

Fiona x


01 October 2009

I have just been to see a well known and successful folk group - (I won't say who!)

But after seeing you in Reeth I came away rather disappointed - there was no comparison. You were fantastic and VERY talented - they were not!

Keep up the good work. x